Baidu successfully sues 360 for unfair competition

Baidu successfully sues 360 for unfair competition, 百度起诉 360 不正当竞争胜诉

At the end of December, Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology and Baidu Times Network Technology (Beijing), the owners of Baidu, China’s most popular internet search engine, successfully sued Qizhi Software (Beijing), the owner of 360, a security software provider, and Beijing San Ji Wireless Internet Technology, the operator of

The case was heard in the Beijing Second Intermediate Court. The court found that the defendants had engaged in unfair competition and ordered them to cease their infringing actions, to publish a statement to counteract the effects of their actions and to compensate the plaintiff for reasonable litigation costs and economic losses in the amount of RMB385,000.

The court found that the defendants had claimed in March 2010 that the Baidu toolbar and address bar were a virus which might compromise the security of users’ computer and operating systems and misled users into deleting them. The court ruled that all these actions constituted conduct in breach of the PRC Anti-Unfair Competition Law. subscripton ad blue 2022