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Nissan Perla, CEO and president of Diamond Registry, explains why bespoke jewelry should be on your list of investment options

We are living in a volatile world and the need for a reliable hedge against future uncertainties has never been greater. We have a multitude of investment options and a diversified portfolio is at the core of a sound investment plan. While cryptocurrencies may be the rage now, a tried and tested physical store of value, like a diamond, never goes out of fashion.

A diamond lies at the heart of a moment that’s as unique and special as you are – whether it marks an engagement, wedding, anniversary, the birth of a child, or simply as an investment for a savvy and discerning individual.

The choice is clear

Now might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy diamonds at uncharacteristically low prices. With the pandemic and the associated economic crisis, diamond prices fell considerably in 2020. However, this hasn’t been reflected in the prices in jewellery stores.

Clarity is the hallmark of a fine diamond, but sadly the international market for diamonds can be anything but clear. While getting the right information is the key to making a successful purchase, it isn’t easy to find.

So, how does one source the right information?

Founded in 1961, Diamond Registry is the world’s most comprehensive diamond information platform. We offer free and completely unbiased information on diamond prices, creating a bridge between the diamond manufacturing industry and the consumer. We help discerning buyers make wise decisions on acquiring the finest quality diamonds at the best prices.

Our expert consultancy offers upfront information on the true value and price of diamonds. We offer the best prices without any brand markup or middlemen taking cuts. Unlike conventional jewellers, where you spend 95% of the price on their branding, our margins are as low as 3%.

We offer Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified diamonds for less money than you would find elsewhere and secure the long-term value and return on your investment. Our experts source from diamond manufactures all around the world, taking advantage of price fluctuations to buy when prices are low.

Just as importantly, we educate you on the vast differences in diamonds and why choosing the right cut and clarity is important to preserve your long-term investment.

We are a third generation of diamond and jewellery experts and our business is built on trust, integrity and professionalism. We are proud to be the world’s first direct link between diamond manufacturers and ultimate consumers, giving our customers the freedom of choice, and enabling them to find the best prices in the market and make informed decisions.

We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises while providing the best personalised customer service, as testified by our reviewers online.

Whether you have a budget to acquire a fine GIA diamond for investment, or if your heart is set on a particular diamond already, we will find what you are looking for, at a lower price and design a gorgeous piece of jewellery around it. Our customers can rest assured, knowing they will receive exactly what they wanted, and much more, within their budgets.

Diamond registry
Nissan Perla

The timeless allure of bespoke jewellery

You can rely on us to craft you a piece of bespoke jewellery to your exacting standards and in stunning detail. The stone and jewellery will be exceptional in terms of quality, value and craftsmanship. We also provide free design advice, and that’s before we even begin sourcing your diamond.

In my four decades in the business, I have had some incredible clients – from extraordinarily successful people to celebrities and even royals – many of whom have become more than just clients. You can always rely on our discretion.

I guide every one of my clients, whatever their budget, with the same passion, and share my expert knowledge and offer trusted counsel.

A piece of bespoke jewellery is a love story that begins with a diamond and continues with the process of turning it into a dazzling work of art. It is this that stirs my passion for diamonds, a passion that I love sharing with others.

diamond registry


Please contact me at +852 9248 4222 or visit our website to discuss your requirements and find out how diamonds could add a sparkle to your investment portfolio.