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Top Indonesian Lawyers 2023

Almaida Askandar

IABF Law Group

Tel: +62 21 5790 5090
Email: almaida@iab-net.com

Practice areas

Capital markets; compliance; corporate & commercial; IP; M&A


Almaida Askandar obtained her law degree from the University of Indonesia (business law) and currently is an MBA candidate from the Business Management School of the Institute of Technology Bandung. She is fluent in both Indonesian and English. Almaida’s professional experience extends across a number of major capital market law firms in Jakarta. She has particular expertise in advising on capital markets and securities, M&A, IP rights, corporate and commercial law, compliance, and antitrust, along with litigation court practices and bankruptcy.

Almaida is one of the founders of IABF Law Group, which was established in 2003, and has fostered the firm with a great spirit of teamwork and collegiality. She has a strong network and focuses on building ongoing relationships with her clients. One way in which she assists her clients beyond standard legal services, is by tapping into her strong network of private and public-sector contacts in Indonesia, in connecting clients with relevant business contacts, market intelligence and opportunities.

Almaida is a licensed capital markets lawyer and IP attorney along with being a registered consultant for commercial paper transactions at the money market. She is an active member of several professional organisations, including the Indonesian Advocates Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia), the Capital Market Legal Consultants Association (Himpunan Konsultan Hukum Pasar Modal), the Indonesian Competition Lawyers Association (ICLA), the Indonesian Intellectual Property Attorneys Association (Asosiasi Konsultan Hak Kekayaan Intelektual Indonesia) and holds tax brevet A & B from the Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountant.

Aside from her daily activities as one of the partners of IABF Law Group, Almaida is also active as the vice chair of the Policy Centre of the University of Indonesia Alumni Association.

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