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IP rights overseas - Mango Excellent Media

China IP case study: How Mango Excellent Media protects its copyright overseas

Who’s the Murderer was the first Chinese celebrity whodunit variety show launched by Mango TV, in 2016, and has run for eight straight seasons. Since the seventh season, it has been joined by Who’s the Murderer...
Protecting IP rights - BGI Genomics

China IP case study: How BGI Genomics protects its biomedical & life sciences...

In the era of the knowledge economy, innovation represents the core competitiveness of enterprises and the chief driving force behind both technological and economic progress. Little surprise that IP rights, being the definitive recognition...
Securing IP rights abroad - Hisense

China IP case study: How Hisense protects its appliances and electronics overseas

Expanding into overseas markets is a critical choice in the transformation and growth of Chinese enterprises, and for their move up the value chain. Numerous Chinese enterprises have expended great efforts in establishing a footprint...
IP Protection Overseas - NIO

China IP case study: How Nio protects its electric vehicles overseas

In the past decade or so, Chinese home appliance and mobile phone enterprises have begun stepping out onto the world stage, gradually expanding their global market share. This can be attributed to the fact that...

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